As a new dog owner, you’re probably familiar with the wet surprises and strong odors left behind on your floor or furniture. And for some reason, they seem to be on the same spot every single time. As much as you love your puppy, you might be tired of your dog peeing in the house and having to clean up the urine stains, especially if you thought they were making progress in housetraining.

But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about indoor dog pee, talk about the reasons for this kind of behavior in your furry friend, and provide some tips on how to stop a dog from peeing in the house and in the same spot.

Common Questions about Dogs Peeing in the House

You might be wondering things like, “Why is my dog peeing in the house?” or “Why do dogs pee in the same spot?” As frustrating as it is, there are actually certain reasons behind this behavior in dogs. In addition, there are also tips and tricks on how to stop a dog from urinating indoors and in the same spot. Let’s dive in to learn more!

Why Has My Dog Started Peeing in the House?

Dogs pee in the house for a few reasons. 

  1. They do this as a response to a stressor or issue. For example, the introduction of a stranger or new pet can cause your dog to become distressed, anxious, or confused. As a result, they might have an indoor accident.
  2. They love marking their territory. If you find your dog marking its territory in the house, it means they want to show their ownership of something. This also ties back into the previous reason and is especially true if they feel threatened or insecure due to a stressor or unfamiliar situation.
  3. They’re excited. Dogs (especially puppies) sometimes pee when they’re excited as an instinctual response, which is also called submissive urination. If you’re wondering how to stop excitement urination in dogs, you can take them outside and give them treats after they pee to train them to urinate outdoors. Or, you can give them opportunities to run and play to blow off some steam.

What Can I Use to Stop My Dog from Peeing in the House?

The best way to stop a puppy from peeing in the house is to potty train it. But in order to do that, you need to be well-equipped and prepared for the job. Feel free to check out our Angry Orange Dog Training Set that comes with a dog training clicker, treats pouch, poop bags dispenser, silent ultrasonic training whistle, and housetraining door bells.

Here are some other tips and methods that you can use if your dog won’t stop peeing in the house:

  • Look for peeing signs. If you pay close attention to your dog before they pee, you’ll notice that they give signals before relieving themselves. These signals include sniffing the floor, circling, or lifting their hind legs. When you notice any of these signs, immediately take them outside to pee and praise them with love and treats.
  • Interrupt your dog. It may be a bit too late, but making a loud noise to catch your dog’s attention in the middle of their pee is enough to minimize the mess. Once you’ve stopped your dog from urinating indoors, take them outside to finish. Avoid scolding your furry friend and praise them with treats instead as a positive reinforcement. The last thing you want is for them to be fearful of you!
  • Eliminate the urine smells. Dogs usually return to the same spot to pee due to the smell; their noses love familiar places! However, simply cleaning the spot won’t do because your dog’s uric acid contains organic enzymes that contribute to the strong odors.

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